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We will provide your loved ones with highly skilled therapists, nurses, and caregivers to help them live their best life!

At-Home  |  On-Site  |  Virtual  |  Combination

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young black tween female with teal shirt and bows in pigtails pulling on physical therapy device
blond white female in beige sweater with fingertips on cheeks making an 'o' face next to a young white girl in pigtails doing the same face and hands into a small mirror, both seated at a table
tween hispanic boy in wheelchair reaching for puzzle piece from puzzle on his lap in front of an asian woman in a white scrub top in front of a grey couch with red pillow
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We care about your unique story and needs. 
And we understand that one size does not fit all.

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About Kids and Adults Home Health offers a variety of therapies, as well as skilled nursing services, in the comfort of your home. Let us know how we can help.

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In-Home Care
About Kids and Adults Home Health offers families compassionate and trustworthy therapists and nurses to meet the unique care needs of your family member at home.
We offer a variety of therapies including physical, speech, and occupational. 
Additionally, we offer skilled nursing services.
We look forward to building a trusted relationship with your family.
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Through our in-house, collaborative care network, you can receive multiple therapies during your visits (in-home, in-clinic, virtually, or a combination of those).  We also offer skilled nursing services.  Let us know how we can help.

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We really care.

We know first-hand how upsetting, frustrating, and scary it can be to receive a serious medical diagnosis, to live with chronic pain, to need assistance recovering from surgery or illness, manage inappropriate behaviors, or need long-term care in your home (for you, your child, or a loved one). 

The process of finding therapists, nurses, and caregivers that accept your insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid, that can provide all the treatments you need in one place can feel like a full-time job! 

The stress can be overwhelming.  We understand and we are here to help.  We want you to have the care you need.

Integrated Family Care is our complete, collaborative care network.  We can offer you a wide range of specialty therapies in-clinic, in-home health-care, nursing services, quality of life care, and much more.

We strive to alleviate all your concerns right from the start and assure you that all of your care needs will be met.


happy in-home care. black woman with curly hair in blue scrub top, jeans with a stethescope smiling at a tablet next to a white woman with blond hair and light blue polka dot blouse with khaki pants also smiling at the tablet. The white woman's hand is on the black woman's hand and they are both seated on a beige couch
fun speech, occupational, physical therapy in the home.  toddler in gray tee with yellow pants laying on belly on a colorful play mat looking up at the camera and smiling
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